»More than three billion years, they say,

before we were born, the stones were.

They moved from place to place like nomads,

leaving their remains strew across the continents.

They will never finish their journeys,

but wherever thy are,

they give evidence to their travels;

they tell the story of the age when they were

moving the earthan changing all that was in it,

including themselves«

From The Stones Speak, a poem by Fay Picardi 

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We decided to create handmade high quality jewellery to melt some womens hearts




The production






First of all we go out to the river Danube and just

choose the best from the best! We only take the

most special stones with us for the next step:



Without this the materials would just fall apart.





And now, as you probably can imagine, the soldering

iron is our best friend when it comes to creating

an alliance with copper and the stunning material


Tin is a very thankful material also to our customers because

there won't come any allergic reactions with it.


Now, as you know our little

secrets, there is probably no

reason we can imagine not 

to wear a unique piece of

nature, right?


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